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South beach, Miami

South beach, Miami

South beach, Miami

The Clay hotel

Us, Anthony and Leona at one of Gloria estefans restaurants

Welcome to Miami!! I have been singing the Will Smith song since I got here much to Donals annoyance! For once we had completely hassle free travel. Our hotel, the Clay, the cheapest we could find is lovely. Its in a great part of South Beach and is only two blocks from the beach. It was apparently where Al Capone ran a gambling joint and equally as exciting where Don Johnson was on many occasions filming for Miami Vice!!

It has been so great to just do normal things here, a real holiday from our holiday. It has been such a relief to be able to eat salads, have ice in our drinks and chat to people in English! So we have spent all our time eating (without worry of amoebic dysentery), swimming and sunbathing on the beach, shopping and people watching. The amount of wealth here is staggering. The hiphop style is straight out of an MTV video. The cars, clothes and showy wealth was quite a change from what we've seen so far on this trip. Everywhere there are people filming TV shows,movies etc and model shoots on the streets...a different world!

Saturday morning was spent in an Irish Bar on Ocean Drive, eating a real Irish fry (proper rashers, beans, toast, tea...fantastic) and watching the Heineken Rugby final. We met two lovely people from Cork at the pub, Anthony and Leona, who we spent most evenings with afterwards. It was great to spend normal evenings chatting over a few drinks, such a treat after so long in Spanish land. Our last night we had dinner with them at one of Gloria Estefans restaurants on Ocean drive, the food was so gorgeous. I'm going to miss taste!

We are a little dissappointed that we are missing P Diddy's South Beach party this Thursday which is on in the club across from our hotel. I'm sure we would have fit right in with our dirty backpacker styl-ee!

Off to Peru tomorrow, looking forward to the next stint.

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