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army duck

large tree ferns..largest Ive ever seen

boulder canyon...broken trees damage from cyclone Larry

more water falls

Panella of the first tourist parks to open

Cassawary chick


notice the lichens growing on trees in this Maui forest

can you beat this photo?

ancient fig tree

aboriginal dance show at Tjabukai cultural center

yes I can now throw a poisonous spear

Here after cyclone Larry hit in March 06 there could be seen extensive damage to the sugar, banana, and rare fruit farms as well as many old rain forest trees snapped off and lots of roofs of homes blown off. Next to the wet rain forests they have dry rain forests..same basic plants grow but there is much less rain fall. The there is the Maui forest which is strictly a host forest no parasite plants only plants and ferns which use the trees as a host in return they protect the tree from predators.

In the Maui forest..the third eco system found in the cairns area (apart from the barrier reef) has these super size trees..including 1000 year old fig ttrees, 10000-20000 year old teak trees, 1000 year old termite mounds, and on and on with very old forestry. All of the drivers and tour guides here are extremely helpful and knowledgeable and you go home with a head full of new stuff. It is so fascinating to see what mother nature has produced. One plant called the stinging tree if you brush against it will deposit it's tiny hairs on you skin which break down your outing skin and work their way to the next level causing terrible burning and itching sensations that last up to 6 months. Thank goodness they grow only deep in the Maui forest.

I did a day tour of the local cultural center where you see what happened to the original indigenous people..pretty much the same story as the Inca, Mayans. amer Indians. In this case it was the British under Queen Eliz. Who came and claimed the land and destroyed their habitat and way of life. Next I will be going to Cape Tribulation before doing a two day overnight barrier reef trip..which I saved for the finally of my visit to Aus. But if you have the chance this is the place to come and it's a great place to learn at.

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