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Our LA hotel courtyard

Universal Studios

Red carpet WELCOME!

Clock Tower (from back to the future)

Helicoptor Crash

The mighty Kong!

Model of Skull island & boat

Petrol tanker crash

Flooding Tube station

Flooding street set

Wysteria Lane (Desperate Housewives)

Grinch Town

Plane crash (War of the worlds)

Part 2

Part 3

Worlds largest SFX backdrop

8th Wonder of the world

Delorian car (back to the future)


Jurassic Park

Me & the Apollo 13 crew


Lots of Love ...........X

With LA being 19hours behind Fiji time you can imagine how we felt when we landed after no sleep at all at 1pm Tuesday, having a day twice really does take it out of you. We got a shuttle to our Hollywood hotel and realised very quickly that we were in the middle of baby Mexico without the scenary. We ordered huge take out pizza's (while in america do as the americans) and slept eventually much to my delight.

The next day was spent at Universal Studios and unfortunately as our camera broke these are the only pics we have and they were taken on a cheap kodak so my apologies if their naff. The day was very fun and very tiring and i especially loved the behind the scenes tour of the War of the Worlds set, the Shrek 3D adventure and the Mummy ride, a whole new breed of rollercoaster. Our last day was spent shopping and at night we hooked up with David Jonathan Spence (soon to be famous actor extrordinaire) and his lovely actor buddies in the Rainbow Rock Bar. We drank far too much and had oodles of fun. In the morning we awoke at around 10am and only just made our flight check in time thanks to Paul, Lou unfortunately was being sick in the hotel, in the taxi and outside the airport oh dear!!!

Its the end of out trip and we both felt at the time like it was the end of the world as we know it..!!!

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