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We left Manta Ray around lunchtime on a little fishing boat and were taken out to sea to catch our ride to our next slice of paradise. Upon arrival at Coral View we met up with Mercedes a friend of Paul's who he hasn't seen in 3 years as she's been living in Japan hey ti really is a small world after all. We spent another afternoon of swimming in the very warm turquoise sea and lazing in hammocks (such a hard life) before our evening of entertainment began. The welcoming ceremony here was the best of the islands with our lovely host and bar man Pau giving a fabulous speech and all the islanders singing and dancing Fiji stylee. We entered the crazy hat competition and while the majority of people created fabulous hats with the flowers and palm trees Paul decided to wear a plastic bag on his head needless to say he did not win hehehe!! The dancing was followed by a few of the tourists doing the limbo and then randomly doing a pyramid much to our amusement, at the time we were all a bit tired and found it all a bit sad!!!

The next day we took a trip to the Saliwau Island for an underwater cave experience. We were a tad nervous as we realised that we had to swim underneath a hole in a rock towards a guy with a torch underwater but luckily it really wasn't as scary as it sounds. The caves were very dark and the water inside suprisingly cold but all 10 of us got back out alive and the caves inside were beautiful. The boys were then challenged by our guide to climb up the moss covered rocks and jump 20feet into the caves pool, no one was mad enough to do it apart from my hero Tbag who while he slipped and slided all the way up the rocks managed a spectacular dive:) Our mad guide then climbed to the top of the cave and jumped feet first shouting out Bula as he did it, Bula meaning hello and pretty much whatever you want it to mean in Fiji. We returned to Coral view for lunch and then decided to take a trip to the island where the Blue Lagoon film was shot. We walked around the island and nearly got in trouble for being on private property, luckily our blagging skills still work in the Pacific. We then fought our way through the bush and walked the 20minutes up the top of the Island with our Danish friends whom we had spent the day with for sunset In the evening the Luton Massif (Rob) Welsh Massif (Ellen and Steve)Spanish Massif (Merc) and London Massif (Us) drank, danced & continued the island traditions of a limbo competition, surpassing ourselves with our pyramid making with Squeezers top breaking as she mounted the top creating a new tradition of Coral Views flashing pyramid!! After all the excitement we managed to get Illogic played thanks to Merc, we had fun raving but i think we scared away the other holiday makers.

The next day the usual suspects took a nice trip over to Suntan island for a walk with Pau so he could show us where he was from. In terms of a host he really couldn't have been kinder and we even got to see a deadly sea snake en route. We left coral view after a lovely leaving cermony with hugs all round and while we were sad to be leaving our new fun friends we looked forward to some more awesome adventures pun intended:)

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