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Waterfall on the way to Taupo

Part 2

We get everywhere

Rita the holiday park cat

Huka falls

Part 2

Part 3

Over the falls

Up the falls

Falls from a distance

Craters of the moon

it's volcanic baby

It's getting hot in here

Smokie lou

Stay on the path

Lou of the volcano

Hot mud pools

It's all active sweetie

Part 2

In an attempt to not destroy the whole day we awoke early and went to see the craters of the moon, a thermal active park with steaming mud pools which you can walk around. We also checked out the very noisy Huka falls which we had managed to camp next to the night before. All very impressive even in the rain but not really the same as throwing oneself out of a plane!!!

After a quick phone call to the information centre and the relief of the glasses being found safe and sound in the toilets, we drove the 3 hours back to Napier cancelling our skydives and moving them to the following morning. We then returned to Taupo and thought we'd treat ourselves to a good booze up in an english pub, especially as the weather was cloudy and rainy and not looking to change for a week making the chances of jumping out of planes highly unlikely. As it was bank holiday there was a 15% surcharge on everything and therefore we set up a tab - again the siginificance of this will be discovered later. We retired to our van a little blue and quite tipsy but at this stage still in reasonable spirits:)

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