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Wat? more Ayuthaya?

Would you want to go down the motorway (in the dark) in...

Arrived in Bangkok, to a very hot reception, 33 C, with extreme humidity. A lot hotter than Hong Kong.....We don't expect much sympathy.

Went down to Pat Pong market and picked up some more clothes for Mrs P, seen some of the sites and avoided those tuk-tuk drivers.

Did some more shoping the next day, beofre going to the thai boxing for an evening. Opting for the cheaper seats, not because we are skin flints, allowed us to soak up most of the noise , atmosphere and heat. Lots of gambling(mainly the locals), and wanton violence made for a very pleasant evening.

Left Bangkok(thankfully) for Ayutthaya to check out the old capital and it's temples, or wat is left of them. Picked up a chauffeur for the afternoon from Tony's Tuk-Tuk and seen some amazing things. Piccies to follow when we get the chance to upload.

Decided to bus it up to Chang Mai, which is where we are now. We booked our bus tickets at the hostel we were staying in, this eemed very reputable. However, after 30 minutes transfer to our bus on the highway we thought we were going to be doing the 600 miles coupped up in one of Tony's Tuk-Tuk's. Thankfully we finally met up with the bus!!. After a long bus journey, stopping off at the obligatory smelly toilets to stock up on mosquiotoes for the night we eventually made it to CHang Mai at 6 O'clock this morning. We were dropped off at the back of a petrol station for more Tuk-Tuk action and taken to a hostel for some hardcore selling tactics on treks etc..before we hightailed away to ur current lodgings.

We have spent the day looking at more Wat's and relaxing before heading off tomorrow on a 3 day trek / elephant ride / visiting some of the local hill tribes.....We both can't wait(that is the royal we,as Mrs P. is already stressing about the animals and bugs. Place your bets now on who will come back with the most number of mosquitoe bites and how many.

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