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Today was a day of rest and recovery after the late night at Amanda's party. After a good sleep in and a little post party cleanup we found ourselves around Amanda's outdoor table, under the pergola, for a delicious impromptu lunch of freshly shucked oysters, cheese board, salad and lots of lovely left overs. After the long lunch Jacob and Kris curled up on a deck chair in the sun by the pool and Mark, Erin & Tyler headed back to our lodgings at Hester's for a lazy afternoon of reading and sleeping.

We spent the evening tucked up in our bed, eating homemade vegetable soup and French stick and watched a DVD on the laptop - it wasn't Jacob's sort of movie (a Gwyneth Paltrow English 1900's one) and he wriggled and generally drove us all crazy but we enjoyed it all the same.

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