John & Sasha's Round world Trip Oct 2005 - Oct 2006 travel blog

Amazing scenary on drive to Te Anau

Sasha at our picnic by the lake in Te Anau

The Sea plane at Te Anau lake

Sightseeing helicopter on its landing pad by the lake

Amazing view of land inbetween two mountain ranges on way to Milford...

John at a view point overlooking a river where mountains are mirrored...

Water at view point (mirror of mountains)

Mountain range on way to Milford sound

Looking up at a wooded hill going into the low level cloud...

View of wooded valley on way to Milford sound

Close up of mountain & glacier on way to Milford sound

Mountain & glacier at end of valley on way to Milford sound

Road on the way to tunnel to get to MIlford sound

Mountain range by man made tunnel to Milford sound

Naughty Kea eating a cars windscreen wiper

Somebody trying to entice naughty Kea off car

Close up of Kea on car

Close up of Kea

Kea now attacking a car aerial

Kea on our wing mirror

Kea on top of our hire car

Entrance to man made tunnel to Milford sound

View of mountains at Milford sound

View of Milford sound

One of cruise boats at Milford sound

Boat with Mountains behind at Milford sound

Sasha at MIlford sound

2 x Stag heads killed by hunters on back of their truck

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Watching sea plane take off at Te Anau lake

(AVI - 8.81 MB)

Playful Kea's

(AVI - 9.75 MB)

Kea on our hire car

Te Anau, South Island, New Zealand

Monday 20th March

Today we got up early and left Queenstown and drove to Milford Sound. Milford Sound is a fjord shaped inlet from the sea on the west coast in Fjordland National Park. The journey took us a few hours to get there, and halfway there at a small town called Te Anau we checked into a holiday park and dumped our bags as we decided that is where we would stay the night. After making ourselves some sandwhiches, eating the by a lake in Te Anau, and watching a propeller plane take off from the lake, we continued on driving to Milford Sound.

Upon reaching a tunnel that we had to pass through to get to the sound, we came across a parking area where we stoped to admire the view of mountains and glacier surrounding the tunnel. In the car park there where some naughty Kea birds who were causing havoc. Kea Birds are typical of the mountainous snowy area and are a mountain parrot. They are very naughty, cheeky birds and like to chew rubber, so they love it when they come across a car. We watched some cheeky Keas tearing rubber off of a car windscreen and from its windscreen wipers. They then jumped around so much that one Kea ended up on our hire car trying to peek through a gap in our car window to see me. We caught it on a video clip if you can watch it please do! And please see our pics of the Keas!

After all of this fun with the Kea birds, we drove through the man made narrown solid rock tunnel that took us through the base of a mountain and out to a road that lead us to the sound. Once at the sound we looked out into the Fjord at the scenic mountains, warterfalls and unspoilt surroundings. We could not see the ocean as the sound is aout 2 kms long, but saw some cruise boats leave the small port to go off in to the sound.

As the sun started to set we decided to drive back 2 hours to the town of Te Anau to relax for the evening.

Tuesday 21st March

Today we packed up our bags and the car and bumped into 3 guys staying in the cabin next door to us. We couldn't help looking in the back of their truck at two poor stag heads that were sitting there. The guys were hunters so we immediately asked them why they had killed them. They explained that they were really hunting for fun which wasn't ery nice and they had the head to put on their wall at home. It shocked us to see these poor deer like this so took a photo to show others. We left the hunters and the lodge and drove south to the southernmost town in New Zealand called Bluff. The town was very small

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