Danny and Helen's Journey Home 2006 travel blog

Arriving back from Koh Tao relaxed and refreshed Helen and Danny boarded the train north to Bangkok. Once again Helen basked in the glory of having insisted on a two birth, first class cabin for the train, knowing Danny had no comeback since his seperation from his beloved spreadsheet.

The train journey was pleasant and cool after the heat of Koh Tao and only once during the night did the impending damage Helen was about to inflict on herself occur to Danny. As she stood up sharply and cracked her head on the over hanging metal bed Danny assumed this was just another bump. But upon exiting the train in Bangkok and running for the connection to the airport Helen let out a scream. She had slipped on a puddle in her flip flops and put down her other foot to support her. This in turn bent back her big toe causing the nail to force down through her flesh and break the main bone in her toe. OW!

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