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Well, after much discussing and some great laughter sessions we have decided to incorporate a new entry on the website entitled, observations. The purpose of this is to have record of those things that just didn´t seem to make much sense in countries we travel to. As of yet we have only been to (or observed) Guatemala and therefore we wanted to take a minute and write down some of these ´thoughts´.


Money. As a traveller in Guate the easiest and most common way to get Quatzels is from a bank machine (ATM). It is quite a simple process except for one thing, the machines only give you denominations of Q100 (Q100=US$13). These bills are all but impossible to exchange at most stores. There is a common theme each time one tries to pay with a Q100 bill... the store cerk/waitress/etc looks at you as though you have completely lost your mind and immediately asks if you have any change. You answer ´no´, with a sigh and long pause you get the classic ´un momento´ as the person takes the bill and (usually) walks out of the store/restaurant/etc to try and find some change. As you can imagine, this is a constant struggle.


Guatemalan Pants. Although this may not be known to much of the world, ´Shpants´ or ´Manpris´, were invented by the white man in Guatemala. They originated in the small towns and cities of this fine country when travelling gringo hippies bought Guatemalan pants and wore them as their own. What must be understood is that the white man is much taller than the average Guatemalan man and therefore pants that usually fit, turned directly into Shpants of Manpris. Much to our amusement, there are plenty of hippie gringos in these types of pants all over Guatemala.

That´s all for now. Manaña!

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