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Our limo to the hostel!

Mrs P - wired after 12 hours Chinese transport torture on the...

Hong Kong - Bird St. Simon talks cricket with a local

A great place to meet birds..

A hectic Sunday afternoon in Hong Kong

Hong Kong skyline

So we have officially left China. Yangshuo was the perfect tonic to all those busy cities we had visited over the 3 weeks we were there.

We were especially fortunate to be in Yangshuo when the moon festival happend. Everyone goes down to the river to have a bbq and eat the most lardy cakes you could imagine. Apparently there are over 400 million of these things sold every year for this one event. 300 million of them then end up in the dustbin, or, get recycled to be sold to weary travellers the following year.

We left Yangshuo for hongkong in high spirits. Good job really, as we were about to spend the entire night on a sleeper bus, or bus, as it is now known, due to no one in the group being able to sleep. Thankfully the driver didn't honk his horn as is customary in this part of the world, but he did spit from the window all night, talk to his co-driver, who we could only assume was instructing him to overtake on blind bends, that old gag, and shield his eyes from the constant flashing of lights from drivers coming in the opposite direction.

We arrived in HongKong tired and ready for bed. However, we ventured out into the big city to soak up the atmosphere and get our bearings. We managed some of the sights and a Friday night on the town to say our goodbyes to the group. Mrs P developed a new cold and was feeling pretty lousy by the time we made it to bed.

Next day equipped with hangovers(and cold for mrs P.) we continued to see the sights of HongKong. We made it to the Peak for some fantastic views over hongkong, ventured down the antiques part of town and also made it to the streets where they sell chinese medicine. Thought better about seeking a cure for both cold and hangover, didn't think "deer pistle" would help.

Sunday morining was fun packed, we managed the flower market and bird street. Both were very entertaining and gave us a real sense of being in Hong Kong. Sunday afternoon we decided to head out to the beach at Shek O. This was fantastic and a wonderful rest after trekking through the streets of HK.

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