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A thoughtful Czech beer

Stone love!

Teacher/rocker LeRoi.

Ready for work.

Proof for the non believers (you know who you are).

Picture of work (not from the best angle).


waiting to work, and not too happy about it.

This is more like it.

Too much ice cream.

Hello, Rosie here. You'll notice that all the photos above are of us and there is a reason for this. In response to the email from Jane that we might be kidding about this whole trip and hiding out and writing it from elsewhere, say, at Heathrow Airport for instance, here is the proof for the doubters. You know who you are. Apologies, some are abit contrived, it's supposed to be tongue in cheek.

The rains have arrived here, so it's wet, wet, wet. A little cooler might be nice but at least it's hot and wet, as opposed to hot and dry. We head to the beach for a few days on Sunday. I got published!! And have just finished my second article. This time it was about ice cream. The picture above was our tenth ice cream in two days, hence, the face and the melting, unappreciated mess.

Please keep the comments coming x x x

23rd May 2006

So May has passed in roughly the same way, but with rather less ice cream. It's still hot, the rains havn't amounted to much, the students are still smelly and noisy, we're still in Vietnam, In the same flat, no major incidents, accidents or happenings (the cleaner, Ngoc, had her toe run over by a motorbike, but thats probably of little interest to you) So i guess it'll get more interesting when we finally leave and start traveling again, take care y'all, hope summer is in full swing, and your all out bbq'ing away,

Richard x x x

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