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Tioman Island


There were lots of little springs and waterfalls like this within the...



Scary spider

After the bright lights of KL we decided to retreat to the East Coast of Malaysia for a few days, especially since many of the Malay people we spoke to told us how beautiful Tioman was. So we took the 5 hour bus and 2 hour boat journey there and it was just beautiful. It was far more under developed than any of the other islands we've been on with only a few shops and places to stay and eat sprinkled along the beach but that definitely added to it's appeal.

The island was covered in lush greenery too, but with this came huge spiders, huge lizards (that looked more like komodos), wild monkeys and biting sand flies! Despite the abundance of wildlife we manged to chill out for a few days and enjoy the place before getting the boat back to the mainland.

Now we are in Singapore and intend to do an ad-hoc trip to Vietnam. We have booked flights to go on Tuesday 2nd May.

We will update soon on the highs and lows of both Singapore and Vietnam.

Bye for now, Julie xxx

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