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Beach at Napier

Napier Dock

Part 2

Out over Napier

Lou at the dock of the bay

In the morning we left our rest area and drove in the cold fog towards Napier where right on cue our lovely insect van decided to run out of oil and fuel. After much panic and Paul checking the oil container which was full we realised that Paul (being the bright spark that he is) had been putting oil into the break fluid. Somehow we managed not to break down and thanks to a lovely kiwi got the problem fixed, however upon leaving the garage a not so with it kiwi clearly enjoying the start to his bank holiday weekend decided to drive straight across a junction and nearly smack into us, luckily Lou reacted in time and we narrowly avoided a head on collision. We arrived in Napier a little shaken up and enjoyed a walk along the very old english beach front in the sunshine before paying to use the very swish public loo's - the significance of this will become clear later. We reserved our skydives for the following day and drove the thermal highway towards Lake Taupo and this is where the sunshine decided to end and someone upstairs began to rain on our parade.

As the weather was naff we decided to check into a funky caravan park complete with its own thermal pool for the night. After dinner Lou decided to rest her eyes and put her glasses on and much to her amazement they were nowhere to be found. Now for those of you who know Lou well losing things is like a daily routine that she just loves to go through, however on this occasion she had surpassed herself. Her glasses had been left on the swanky bathroon side in yes you guessed it Napier!!!! Needless to say she had a sleepless night as our lack of days in the North Island began to decrease.

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