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Hmm - banish the wallpaper!

Baseball fans! Imagine owning this stool! Only 2 legs but well balanced!

A lazy day today in Sonoma. We started off by picking up a fridge in the leafy upmarket suburb of Novato. Nice houses. Then we had a bit more fun the last of the wall paper. It's all gone! No more! Maybe I should put some pictures up for your benefit!

After all that we had lunch then did some cruising, checking out properties in Sonoma CA. It's a popular place. Run down 50's homes start for around $500K and extend well into the million dollar plus range for a comfortable brand new 4 bed home.

And tonight, I've seen the pleasure of some amazing US cable TV.

"Pimp My Car", where MTV grabs some old crappy car off the street and turns it in to a street ready super bass pumping machine! A bit like Backyard Blitz for cars.

The classic "Dog, the Bounty Hunter" - all real life - a bounty hunting family chasing real jail bail escapees!

Until next time...

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