Foxes glacier

getting closer

I'm the man

Frans Josef glacier

danger is my middle name

where you going fool?

Pit stopped for the night at Wanaka and slept like a dead man then back in the saddle over to the west coast and north to the other side of the Cook ranges to the land of the glaciers. First was Foxes that looked like it was a giant white slug creeping down the valley same as the larger Frans Josef 20k up the road.

So as our sky dive had been cancelled due to crap weather and being totally skint we just decided to investigate the 'terminal faces ' close up.

This is the parts roped off from the public right at the front that are really unstable and huge chunks falling willy nilly about you especially frans when a massive block fell and we were the closest to it at about 20m, Gill crapped and cowered by a rock fr a bit and I climbed onto the ice up a carved out staircase that you must be wearing boot crampons to wear. Soon I was sent back down by an ice digging dude who thought i was a bit mental .

After a chin wag with him he told me they were expecting an 8.5 earthquake any time soon and the lot could come down , I soon scarpered .

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