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The view from the gondola down over Queenstown

The bustling streets of Queenstown

I live on the edge of the lake just behind that peach...

Not a bad view to wake up to everyday!

There's always lot of paragliders up in the air, will have to...

Ah, I love the outdoors, I love it here! Am really looking...

My first jump at the Canyon Swing! It's only 109m down!

The first jump wasn't too bad, shall I do another one? Ok,...

Getting into position for the next swing!

Ok, now lets try it like this! Head first this time! I'm...


Ok, so how do I get upright again??

Zoe & me having fun on the Shotover Jet

The TSS Earnslaw Steam Ship heading out across the lake for an...

On board the steam boat with some fellow Canyon Swing Jumpers (well...

The internal workings of the steam boat

Kate Winslet/Titanic style, ok well maybe not quite!

A lovely few hours was spent out on the lake on the...

Queenstown is the place to go if you love the outdoors, and are an adrenelin seeker like me! There are numerous activities on offer including bunging jumping, sky diving, jet boating, paragliding and white river rafting, along with a few more more tamer activities! The list is endless! And I now have the next 6 months to try and get through as many of these activities as possible!!!

The first activity I had a go at was the Shotover Jet with Zoe, my old room mate from Sydney was on her way back to the UK and was passing through New Zealand for a few weeks. The Shotover Jet is a 20 min Jet Boat ride up and down the Shotover River, but what makes it so much fun is the speed which the jet boat goes through rocky canyons, and very close to the cliff edges! If the speed doesn't get to you then the 360' spins that the driver makes the boat do, will! A great ride, it was just a shame that it decided to rain half way through the trip which made it very hard for us to see!

Still not having plucked up the courage to do a bungy jump yet, I opted to have a go at the Shotover Canyon Swing instead. It's the world's highest rope swing (109m) and it involves jumping or falling or being released from a platform, then freefalling 60m into the canyon below before smoothly moving into a swing action over the river below at 150 kph! I had so much fun doing this that I actually had two goes!! The first time I just jumped off the platform the usual bungy way, but I was so scared that I had my eyes shut throughout the jump and wasn't really able to appreciate the jump fully, so I decided to have another go! There are over 10 different ways you can leave this platform so it was a tough choice as to which style to choose for the next jump!! In the end I opted for the 'Elvis Cutaway' style. This involved me being hung out away from the platform over the canyon. I then had to lie on my back and cross my legs out infront of me, then put my arms behind my head!! A pin is then pulled out from above your head and you plummet head first down into the canyon below and are suspended by your feet! When you have had enough of swinging backwards and forwards over the canyon upside down, you just uncross your legs and you then swivel upright again. You are then winched back up to the platform again to get out of the harness. This canyon swing concept is the new thing in town, and I reckon will take over from the bungy! This is definitely more fun!!

On a much calmer note, and with a few fellow Canyon Swing jumpers (well 1 jumper and 2 spectators from Melbourne - Paul, Andrew and Pete), we spent an afternoon on a lake cruise on the TSS Earnslaw which is a vintage steamship. Known as the 'Lady of the Lake', and over 90 years + of age, and still powered by steam, she is still going as strong as ever!

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