Unfortunately it was that time to head back and prepare for our NZ departure. We luckily sold all of our camping gear, a lot of which we had been given FOC*, which was a bonus, for the bargain price of 60 quid. The night was spent attempting to cook dinner in a disaster zone of a hostel kitchen which culminated of us actually chucking our dinner and blowing the camping stuff profit on a kebab each.

The next day Chris booked himself onto a sailing trip aboard an America's yacht cup boat and headed out around Auckland Harbour for a couple of hours. The rest of the day was spent stocking up on necessary essentials to get us through the next few weeks, notably toilet roll to see you through South America and other such luxury toiletries. This time we stayed in an area called Ponsonby which is essentially the posh area of Auckland. We got on very well with the Hostel owner until Chris mentioned that he was giving his fish i.e. his previous day's catches, to the guests in the hostel, so that they may enjoy a tad of snapper. The woman remarked 'is there something wrong with it', much to our amusement though I guess we should have been offended! The poor lady was so concerned about the possible undercooking and consequent of the stuff and consequent food poisoning of her guests, she arranged for a hostel BBQ for all of Chris's fish for the night afterwards, sadly we had left by then. I am sure she will remember us.....

So it was time to also say good bye to the beloved Mitsubishi Station Wagon which had treated us so well for the past few weeks. We will miss you air con!!

*write to Chris if you wish to know the meaning of this!

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