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Thai boxing

Thai wedding ceremony

Thai long nail dance

On the long tail boat going to the floating market


Family having lunch


Snake handler

Anne with our tour guide

Renee with wooden carved elephant


Too hot for Sarah!

We were getting nostalgic seeing teh Canadian flag among the elephants

Feeding the elephants sugar cane for a great act they performed

Those crocodiles make a big noise when they snap their powerful jaws...

One week old baby elephant

Renee, the crocodile handler

Written by Renee

Today we woke up at 6:10 cause we are going on a tour. First we went to the floating market. We bought a lot. Then we went to the cobra show. It was cool but scary. They had people holding snakes and showing us how they get the venoms from them to make medicine against anyone who gets poisoned by a snake. Then we went to an elephant and crocodile show. It was so fun. The elephants could kick large soccer balls and score goals. By the way, these crocodiles have large jaws and they can snap it very fast. Then we went to a Cultural Center called Rose Garden. We saw how Thai people box, dance, fight with swords and sticks, marry and more. Then we went back to our hotel. We ate dinner and went to bed.

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