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Early morning Dehli

Blurry morning Delhi

Something funny happened last night...

We spent about an hour an half on the hotel internet connection setting up the first entry on the website last night. About a half hour in we were asked how long we would be and we said about at least another half hour or so. 50 minutes later this angry middle eastern man comes in and asks why we haven't finished on the internet. He said that he had been told that we would only be on for 15 minutes as he had "Important & Urgent Business" to attend to and that had he known we would be 1.5 hours he would have gone elsewhere and now it was too late. We told him that we had never said that we would only be 15 minutes, but that when asked after 30 minutes, we had said that we would be at least another 30 minutes.

At this point he goes ballistic with the hotel staff, shouting and swearing that they should give him proper respect. He then demands a pair of scissors and proceeds to cut his own shirt and tie into ribbons.

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