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In the 'Chicken Truck'!

Queen of the jungle!

Trekking through the rainforest

Through the creek

Nina, Holly & Ed

Colin in the creek

River from above

River, Long Boat & rings

Everyone on Long Boat

Sunset at Suva

Today we went on a 10k trek through Matakibau Rainforest. We went to the start of the trail in what Willie referred to as a 'Chicken Truck', which we all sat in the back of. On the trek Nina and Bola were making jungle crowns ...Nina thought she was the Queen of the jungle!! We followed a path for most of the way, then walked for about half an hour through a creek, which was sometimes up to our thighs! It was sweltering hot but it was much more fun than the hike in Hawaii. There were some good views at times, especially at the end when we were looking down at the huge river below, and were virtually absailing down the path as it was so steep.

At the river we stopped for lunch, and had some manky hot sandwiches, then Wille arrived in a Long Boat full of inflatable rubber rings. We each go a ring to sit in and were told to jump into the river - this was great fun, as first of all we drifted slowly with the current (like a lazy river), then it sped up and we were sent racing quickly through some rapids. It then slowed up for a bit until another set of rapids. Everyone thought this was great fun, especially when some people tried to get out at the bank at the end and found themselves waist deep on wet mud ...hilarious! A couple of guys just couldn't get out the fast current and were flowing off down the river so the long boad had to go and drag them back!

Once out the rings, the long boat then took us across the river to a huge waterfall with a deep pool at the bottom. We then took turns to jump of a man-made ledge down into the pool, and try to swim under the waterfall which was hard work. Colin and some of the other guys were enjoying getting out and jumping in again.

We then went back round to the river where there was an even higher man-made ledge to jump off off. We then took turns to jump off the ledge into the river, not everyone would do it though as it was fairly high. Colin was proud that Nina made the jump though!

We then all jumped into the long boat which sped along for 40 minutes back to the Green Bus. We then drove to the capital, Suva, and had a brief tour around before going to Raintree Lodge. The plan was to go out clubing, but everyone was really tired after another long day so we had our first Kava ceremony (Kava is a Fijian drink made from roots, its non-alcoholic but does have a strange effect on you if you drink enough. Just about all Fijian's over 21 drink it every day, and all follow the same ceremony).

Nina went to bed early, and Colin sat up drinking (normal booze) with some of the group until quite late.

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