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Matodola Beach

Matodola Beach

Malomalo Village

Colin, Jens & Ed at village

Beckham wannabe!!!

Village hall (portrait of chief)

Whole tour group

Colin sand boarding

Nina at top of dune

Nina sand boarding

Up early and met everyone in reception, pick up was 8.15am. We got onto the 'Green Bus' and were introduced to our guide, Bola, and our driver, Willie. We then all introduced ourselves to everyone else.

First we went into Nadi town to buy water and sarongs etc. Nadi town is built around tourism and is a bit of a dump!

We then went onto the Coral Coast which is on the south of Veti Levu, and to Matodola Beach, which is really beautiful. The journey was funny as the bus was driving off road along dirt track and across old wooden railway bridges. The beach gave us a chance to get to know some of the other people on the tour. We got our frisbee out which was a good ice breaker, and loads of people joined in playing in the sea. We then played volleyball and had a BBQ on the beach for lunch.

After lunch we carried on to a village called Malomalo, where we had to cover our shoulders and knees, this meant everyone having to wear sarongs! We wandered round the village where local kids were playing football (with no goals!), and most of the older villagers were sleeping. We sat in the village hall where Bola explained some of the history of the village.

We were then back on the bus and down some more dodgy tracks until we reached an almighty sand dune, this is where we were going to sand board. It was hard going just to get to the top, then you realise just how steep the hill is! It was great fun flying down the hill and skimming across the grass at the bottom (nearly crashing into people sometimes!). We had a fantastic time doing this, and it was also funny when people came off and were covered in sand!!!

We then went to stay at a resort, called Mango Bay, still on the Coral Coast. The resort was very new. We had a really nice buffet for dinner, with traditional Fijian food, then there was entertainment afterwards with Fijian singing and dancing.

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