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I look like a little sherpa. The "ears" were actually wrapped under...

After a round of CT scans and an MRI that left the doctor and radioloist stumped, they decided to perform a biopsy. Unfortunately, this biopsy was a little more invasive than most. Luckily, the anestethia worked just fine because I don't really remember too much. One moment I was counting down from 20 and the next moment I woke up looking like a little sherpa with a hat on my head!

My doctor is really great and contacted me yesterday with the results. They show that I have some sort of tumor in my skull bone. In most cases these kind of tumors don't usually cause any problems. Mine decided to create problems. It is deteriorating my skull bone and has become infected which is why I had the little bump on my head. So, to prevent this from causing further damage my doctor is going to surgically remove it in the next week and fill in the part of the bone that is missing. Since I am still recovering from the first surgery, I am not really looking forward to another surgery at all! Me and vicodine just don't mix. At least I have Marc who is doing a wonderful job taking care of me! We'll keep you posted and hopefully I will be back to surfing soon!

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