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Sarah with 2 palm tree ears

Jantar Mantar astrological park built in 1725 by Maharaja Jai Singh II

Denis tries in vain to find the giant slide

There's the giant slide

Hello everyone !!! The flight was great - special thanks to Johnny Wilkinson and to the air stewardess who forgot to charge us for the champagne. We have started getting used to life in India. The first challenge is to cross the road when there is no highway code let alone green cross code. Everyone uses their horns when driving for everything and we even saw a family of 5 riding one moped !! The second challenge is to be politely rude to the touts - Denis has decided to pretend to be German if he is asked to have his shoes shined one more time. The third challenge is accept that the slight odour in the air is the drains and not Denis.

Anyway, here are a few photos from an astrological park used to map out constellations using bricks and mortar. Odd but a nice respite from the traffic and people everywhere. Quality - one man who tried to be a guide for us was on crutches and so was quite easy to outrun.

We have even had our first Indian food - the pot noodles had run out - which was excellent. We went to MacDonalds for breakfast and the chicken burgers looked like they had been run over by a bus. So we have decided to try veggie and had lentil makhani and panneer kofta with roti bread. Still solid at 10:18 p.m.

More later from Agra...

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