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31 March 06 - To Pakse (again)

As good as his word, Nyai was at my guesthouse at 0700. I got a 0730 bus for Pakse. It was a pleasant journey as the driver was good-humoured (although they mostly are), and drove slowly (again they mostly do in Laos as there isn't much other traffic here). We had a very brief stop, just long enough for some ladies to rush from stalls with some goodies to sell, one of whome was dangling what looked like a couple of ferrets from one wrist and a baby crocodile from the other. I got my camera out, but she walked off before I could get a picture. Noone took her up on the offer fortunately!

Just before Pakse, the bus stop behind a couple of songthaews and two men got on asking people if they were going to Pakse. I thought our bus was going to Pakse, but as I understood it the bus was going to the bus station which was some way from the town, so the songthaews would take us to town. I got off and onto one, then after a km of travelling it stopped and I was told to get onto another! I checked into the Phonsavanh guesthouse (thought I'd try a different one to last time)and then went for some lunch at an Italian restaurant and to use the internet as there is a very good office with a fast connection in town. Dinner later at an Indian restaurant where I bought a bus ticket for an 'express' bus to Savannakhet tomorrow.

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