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Balmain at Sunset

Balmain at Sunset again

What do you mean we have to go home?

Well, we are spent a wonderful couple of nights in Sydney. I finally had real wine again, which is something I will never underestimate as long as I live.

We spent a couple of nights at The Observatory Hotel as we have never stayed there before and it was the same price as the Westin. Funny, but we went to dinner on our last night at Prime in the GPO, [which is right under the Westin], we felt like we were cheating on someone. We had stayed in the Westin so many times, we just knew the staff was aware of who we were and that we were staying elsewhere.

The Observatory was nice, sort like a small Ritz Carlton. Very good service, nice rooms. Our room had a water view and we took some amazing shots of sunset over Balmain from the balcony. Balmain is a great little suburb of Sydney; one of the top 3 places I would want to live when we move to Australia.

Didn't do a lot while we were here. We were a bit travel weary and it was just nice to be in a city that we consider home.

We managed to check in at the airport without the help of an Airport Butler and we did get upgraded to business class [like Princess Allan would fly in coach for 13 hours]. Flight was OK, we were happy to see our friends and the dogs but a bit sad that once of the best trip anyone could ever take had come to an end.

Perhaps we will do it again in another 12 years or so.

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