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19 March - To Stung Treng

I had some time to catch up with a bit of internetting and had lunch by the river. Went for the 1400 bus at 1330, bumping into Wanda who took me with my luggage on his bike. He said he could travel free as he used to do some work for the bus company. I was feeling much better today, so was kinder to him and apologised for being a little off. It seemed he had picked up my cold. The bus arrived at 1430, having come from Phnomh Penh. There were three other westerners on it. Wanda sat next to me. He admitted that he wouldn't be getting in touch with his brother as his brother worked hard and didn't know he was coming (?!). I asked him why he was going to Stung Treng, and he said he didn't know, and gave a nervous laugh. I wondered if he was hoping that I would take him on as a guide, even though he had never been there before.

The road was bumpy for a lot of the way, and the bus didn't have great air conditioning, so we were sweltering. The reason for going to Stung Treng was to access the Rattanikiri province, to the East of there and hopefully lovely countryside.

We arrived at Stung Treng at 1700. One of the westerners was a 70 year old lady called Pierette who decided I could take control of her destiny as her English as about as good as my French, and it was her first time travelling on her own. There was also an elderly man (who I had thought was her husband as he spoke some French, but came from New Caledonia) who tagged along. We were picked up at the bus stop and taken to a guesthouse, but having seen a room decided to try another. Wanda's friend's guesthouse was next door but they took us to another building a little way off saying there was going to be a wedding party that night, so we would be better off at the other place. We took rooms there and I met up with Pierette for dinner later. I had mentioned we needed a 'share taxi' for tomorrow and was told we could be picked up at 0730 with our luggage to meet at the first guesthouse where hopefully there would be others to share it with.

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