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random picture of my feet

Woke up late and had breakfast. This hotel must also be listed in some gay listing somewhere. Every time we are there, there is at least 3 other gay couples. We definitely had the majority at the pool today. We decided that this is the most expensive gay hotel we have ever stayed at.

Laid out by the pool and had lunch. I love the pool here. The pool boys immediately run up to you when you arrive, ask where you would like to sit, lay down towels, fold up another towel for your head, and bring over bottled water with ice. Later in the afternoon, they walk around and hand out cold towels and melon and fruit balls for everyone. Lunch was good and I may have gotten sunburned.

We thought shopping was a good idea but we forgot to take into account that traffic in Bangkok is a nightmare. We set out for the mall at 6:00 and arrived around 6:45. Actually, that is good time seeing as we went a whole 2 kilometres [1.6 miles] in Bangkok rush hour. We saw Central department Store on Chit Lom which is [or was, I can't remember] the largest department store in Asia. Nice stuff.

Afterwards, we took a taxi to Babylon where we had some dinner. I didn't really feel all too good as I seem to have gotten a bit too much sun today. Back in the room, I iced my head with some cans of beer and went to bed.

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