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Well today we got up early [8AM] and took speedboat trip with about 7 other people out to Koh Phi Phi. A beautiful Island about 43 Kilometres from Krabi in the Andaman Sea, it has many different white sand beaches and snorkeling sights of crystal blue 80 degree water. One of the beaches that we visited was called Maya Beach where, if any of you see movies, is where "The Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed. VERY nice piece of real estate. Thank fully, it is in a national park and protected [as well as anything in Thailand can be] from further development. If you missed it, I gave a short synopsis on the effects of the Christmas Tsunami on Phi Phi back on 14/3.

One of the places we stopped at had some rather tenuous bamboo scaffolding. This is used by some of the local people to climb the some times 200 feet up onto the karsts and inside the cliffs. They do this to harvest the nest of the sea swallow. The nests are made of twigs gathered from the surrounding forest. The twigs are woven into a very intricate little nest by nothing more than swallow spit. It is considered a delicacy by some people and sells in Hong Kong for over 2000USD a pound. Apparently, it tastes a great deal like slimy clear noodles. YUM.

We stopped at a number of places [Bamboo Island, Monkey Island, Some Bay I can't remember, could be Viking or Nordic or?] where everybody jumped off the boat and either snorkeled or lay on the beach. Joel did a lot of snorkeling; I pretended I was a beached whale. We had lunch at the [I am not kidding] Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island. It was actually really good...lots of authentic Thai food. Really, one of the guys on our tour is Thai and he said some of it was pretty authentic.

After lunch, we lazed around the beach and got some sun. Afterwards, we went out to Hin Klarng, which is a pretty impressive snorkeling sight [if you like fish that is]. I decided to pretend to be an n Olympic Diver and do some rather impressive dives off the side and back of the boat. Apparently, the water is fairly shallow and on the fourth dive, much to my dismay, I managed to rip my entire left arm on a piece of fan coral. Bruised and bloody, I pulled myself out of the water and had the boat crew apply iodine and a bandage.

I was quite the sight when I walked into the lobby of The Central Krabi Resort. Arm in a bandage and slight limp as for some reason my ankle was starting to hurt. We called for the nurse, who, oddly enough, spoke very little English. We did manage to ascertain, after going through all the words like "hospital', "clinic" and "infection", that it was most likely just a major scrape that was bleeding a lot and needed to be bandaged well and observed for infection. The likelihood that I had coral stuck in it and it was going to be a problem was low. If it wasn't better by tomorrow, I would need to go to the hospital or perhaps the clinic, it was really hard to tell as the English wasn't so great and my Thai sucks. I got a lot of attention and sympathy.

So, we hung out in the air conditioned room and club lounge for the rest of the night and watched the bruise on my arm swell a bit and had some beers and antibiotics. They also had Mung Bean Sushi for a desert at the buffet. Good Times!

{I did finally get the kitchen at Rim Saai to make a good Larb Gai}

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