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On the road again

Lou & the Van

Our smoking Dino's


Honey their gay!!!!

Blue mountains

Lou over the Blue mountains


Bag over the Blue.

Blue mountains Part .......

Blue mountains Part...2

Nice view darling!!!!

Blue mountains Part...3

Mt Wilson

Our camp

Blue valley


Long way down

Lou with a view

Lounging about

King of the world

Just a tad windy

Is it safe

Ever so green

Soooo Green


Left their mark


Three sisters Part 1

Three sisters Part 2

Lou & The three sisters

Three sisters Part 3

Footbridge over to the 3 sisters

Side of the 3 sisters

Only Halfway

Me and the sister

Inside the Skyway

The cable car

Lou with a cascade

Into the unknown

Hairbrush anyone

Cable car

Eroading Mountain

Most expensive chips in the world

Runaway train

Another rainforest

Lou & the sister

View from Wentworth Falls

Amazing cool down

Strike a pose

Just a wee bit cold.

But Oh so refreshing

Welcome to the Jenolan Caves

Like going back in time

Going into the caves

Staligtites & Staligmites


Amazing Part 2

Totally unreal

Supposed to be Jehovah

Lou in the cave

Riverwalk Part 1

Riverwalk Part 2

Riverwalk Part 3

Funky coloured water


Under the bridge

The bridge crossing

Another bridge crossing

My turn to cross the bridge

On the river bank

Looks like the Bag just got outta bed LOL!


So Peaceful

Exit the caves

Our van at night

We collected our Mega-saur-ass wicked Camper van from the Sydney Depot in sunny weather much to our delight:) On one side of the van we have dinosaurs bonking each other and on the other they are smoking fags, the back caption being the real reason dinosaurs are extinct 'Too Many Fags!!'. We made it up to the Blue Mountains capital Katoomba for an afternoon beer and camped in the heart of the mountains during a fabulous thunderstorm which lite up the whole park from the look out to which we'd walked. Sunday was spent exploring blackheath, the three sisters where we made the mistake of walking down the worlds largest staircase only to realise we had to walk all the way back up.We finally got to walk around Mount Wilson and Mount Victoria and the Grand Canyon Aussie Stylee. We took the skyway, rode the old coal railway down the mountain which was very cool and walked around the rain forest to catch the cable car back up. Paul got to eat the most expensive chips in NSW in Orbit with the floor spinning round - not a patch on empress states orbit bar though trust me:)

In the afternoon we climbed Wentworth Falls and went for a dip in the waterfall before driving to Pine forest to camp that night, we met another mad swaggie traveller who claimed to have found Ben Halls long lost stage coach and treasures. Not too sure what they put in the water over here but it makes for entertaining evenings:)

On the Monday we went to the amazing Jenolan Caves and took an expedition into the 'Temple of Bahl' a cave haunted by an ancient God who was dismissed by his worshippers due to his inability to make fire when tested by the mighty Jehovah (see pics).

That night we drove through the scenic Mount Oberon area and stayed the night in Yengo National Park near to Singleton, a pretty small town inland from Jordie Land.

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