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3 Cheers to the Fab 4 (L-R: Gordie, Belinda, Connie, Lynne)

The Fab 4 in our Captain Beagle masks (L-R: Connie, Belinda, penguin,...

One more Captain Beagle photo opp around Ushuaia

Maritime Museum, in the days when it was Argentina's main and most...

Maritime Museum, present day

Scenery around Ushuaia harbour

Ushuaia harbour

Our return to Ushuaia meant not only the end of the Antarctica trip, but also the break up of the "Fab 4" friendship. Each of us had different Ushuaia exit strategies, but before our respective departures we made the most of our remaining time together.

On the day we got off the ship, we discovered some "Captain Beagle" paper masks in the tourist office. I'm sure they were meant as a freebie for kids, but we had a great time wearing them around town! Gordie, the first to leave Ushuaia, caught a plane further north to the Argentine Atlantic coast that afternoon. Lynne, Belinda and I spent a few more days rambling around town, window shopping, hiking in the nearby national park, visiting the Maritime Museum (which until the mid 90's was Argentina's main and most remote prison), but mostly reminiscing about our Antarctica trip. Eventually Belinda hopped a bus to Chile, and Lynne flew to Buenos Aires.

The next day I sat once again in a comatose state for 12 hours on the bus to Punta Arenas. If I'm lucky, I'll never have to do that long boring bus trip ever again! From Punta Arenas I caught my series of flights back to Santiago. It felt like months had passed since I started this journey to the southernmost part of the world; in reality it was less than one.

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