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Our flight that got us out of Rarotonga. The take off was...

Hi everyone!

Hello from the Internet Cafe (cyber.net.ck) in Avarua, the only town on Rarotonga. It's our last day in the Cooks today, so we've checked out of the hostel (It worked out at NZ$20 each a night - around 7 quid - so we're more than happy! Our bags are safely tucked away in a store room - so we're now waiting for our flight this evening (11.59pm). 15 others have also checked out and are taking the night flight to Fiji, so we're all going into town together later for one last cheap Steak! The flight to Fiji should take around 2 hours!

When we get to Fiji we may not be able to call straight away as it will be a Sunday. Things really grind to a halt around here at the weekend. But hang in there and we'll call as quickly as poss!! If we're really lucky then the mobile may work and they might have even heard of Broadband!!!

A weird thing happened today!

We were waiting for the bus to town when a nice New Zealand couple over the road offered us a lift to town! Ohh Yes!! We took the lift. It turned out they lived in The North Island in an area we were thinking of travelling to, and after a while they offered us a roof over our heads in NZ for a few days! They said they realised that we were genuine travellers and seemed nice - they also said it was the done thing in NZ and we should expect more of it from others when we get there! It's difficult for us 'security aware' and cynical British to imagine such an offer, and although very chuffed with the offer we're a bit wary. Free Accomadation is great though and they we're a very nice and chatty couple. What do you think? All of you that is! If you're reading this then drop a line in the 'send a message' column and help us decide. They have given us their address and phone numbers and have given us a cute map of the area!


So the rain has stopped. Phew! We've never seen so much of the stuff - it made the air very humid. It also stopped us from pretty much leaving the hostel. It did mean that it gave us a chance to mull over ideas for Fiji and we also learned the 'Official Card Game of the Traveller' - very politely known as 'Sh*thead'. Please excuse the language... but that's what it's called. A lot of you will know doubt know this game - but Helen and Gareth didn't! We've now had master classes from many of the International Hostel card pros!

Big mentions go to Sven, the Swede - "Those are dirty cards". Also to James, Ben and Heather "Back your truck up!". Hello to northern girls Kristy and Sarah - and Colin - our resident night out organiser!

Couples shouts!! : Heather and Chris! You guys are ace!! See you in the future no doubt!! The Swedish couple (The swedes love to travel!) Josephine and Fella and all others!

Enough! Tonight we are flying together and the playing cards are in the daybag - so lots of games on the flight tonight!

Tomorrow we are staying at Nadi Downtown Backpackers - don't know much about but it's around GBP 2.50 each so no worries there - breakfast included!

After that we're going to find a week long package so we can do some serious island hopping.

We've got lots of photos so their coming soon. See you in Fiji!!!!

Lots of love Helen & Gareth x x x x

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