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I arrived back in Bangkok late saturday night after a long day of travelling - couldn't believe I was back here already and that it was time to leave Asia.

The past 6 weeks or so can honestly be said to have been some of the most memorable in my life. It has been so very special and I've been so lucky to have experienced the most incredible places, people, food, sunsets, beaches, tranquility, fun, laughter and simple joy and sense of freedom anyone could be lucky enough to have.

Isabelle, Luang Prabang, Carl, Julie, Lane, Pon Boun, Ian, Paula, Zoe, Heidi, Sharon, Charlie, Col, Emma, David, Ben, Jonathan, Fran, Luciano, phi-phi, ko tau, singha, lao beer, pad thai, fried rice, bottled water, sunshine, sunset, aqua waters, jungles, lao coffee, air-conditioning, sweat, internet cafes, iced coffee, swimming, walking, back-pack, sunshine, sunshine, hot, hot, hot, hot ........ an amazing journey.

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