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Night safari

Went on a night safari with the hope of seeing an elephant, tiger leopard or something exotic. But ended up seeing a sleeping bird, a grasshopper, and owl and the back end of a pussycat.

It was also a nightmare of a ride on the back of a WW2 landrover driven by a kid who appeared not to be able to drive. The gearbox was stuffed and required many attemps before the gears were engaged and the brakes needed to be pumped for ages before they began to work. I was shitting myself on the back of this thing with totalyy inadequate roll cages and no safety features at all. We went off through a palm oil plantation and i was not convinced they had any idea how to get us out of there. There were many times when I thought we were going to go over the edge and be lost forever.

There rest of the bunch on the back with me thought the ride was highly exciting - I thought it was just downright bloody dangerous. I nearly got off and walked but decided that I might become good bait for the tigers.

maybe I am not as adventurous as I thought? Anyway I survived.

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