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me on boat

local house

floating resturant

kids in pool

chooks (bird flu?) everywhere



Highlights of my 3 day Jungle Trek.

Batteries flat on camera so waiting to recieve more photos from friends

Saw elephant tracks

tiger tracks


close encounter with monkeys

more rats


lots of thick bush

buckets of sweat running down me

7 of us and a local guide trekked the first day for nearly 8 hours through some very thick bush.

I was glad to have ny good kiwi tramping boots and gaiters as they kept the leeches off my feet and legs. Howwever not from getting me on my stomach. It is a shame they can't teach them to suck fat instead of blood. I could make a business out of that, I'm sure.

The others all had sneakers on so had to keep stopping every 10 minutes to check and remove the leeches from their feet and legs. Those little b's can get in so quickly and begin sucking at an amazing rate. However alal the stopping meant that we had plenty of rest whch was appreciated in the heat and humidity. Talk about sweat, drink, sweat.

Up to a huge cave where we spent the night. The cave is called Kua Kepayang Besar and the man area is about the size of the Regent Theatree in Palm. Nth.

We collected wood, had a swim in a stream and cooked a very needed meal of rice and veges, as I would now expect. Breakfast was toast over the fire and black tea.

It was the most amazing place I have ever slept. Well, tried to sleep. More rat and tiger stories and sleeping with only a thin foam plastic mat do not help me to sleep well.

I thought I would be able to lay there and listen to the sounds of the jungle, however all I heard was the snoring of the blokes beside me.

There was also another group of people in the cave who got up and 5:30am to say their prayers. I should be used to this by now as it has happened in most places I have been so far. But it was worse as the accoustics in the cave would rival the Sydney Opera House.

Next day was another 7 hours trekking to a village of noamdic tribe called Arang Asli. they were very shy but we were offered a hut to sleep in and shown how to make darts with poisen tips to kill oursleves am onkey or squirell for tea. It was neat to just sit and watch the people go about thier business, fixing their huts, playing with the kids and cooking. they are very relaxed and take their time, the kids are happy, everyone playing together. What a life.

The hut proved to be the local big, biting ants house so we decided to sleep out under the stars and the washing line. Again, not a very good nights sleep for me but I handled sleepless nights with baables so can do this. Tonight I will be beack In Jerantut so will need no Tiger Beer to sleep, I'm sure.

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