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squashed on train


On to the bus station with Irish Tom and Mist from Iceland. All a bit seedy and tired after our great night out so decided to splash out $10 between us for a taxi. However we ended up jumping out and catching the train as the traffic was so bad the taxi would not have got us there in time.

It is not easy getting into an already overcrowded train with a pack on the back and one on the front.

Arrived at the bus staion with 2 minutes to spare to find that they had cancelled the bus. (No reason given, but that's Malaysia) But we found another that could get us nearly all the away so struggled onto that. Sleep for 3 hours.

We had a 2 hour wait in then next small town so headed for some good food to settle the hangovers. Believe me, real Muslim food is no cure for a hangover! Poor Mist was out throwing up in the gutter at the smell of the place. I was OK until the food came to the table. I'm not sure what it was but it smelt bloody awful. Fish heads, tofu and squid, maybe? So I left too. Poor Tom didn't want to offend the nice ladies in the headscarves so he struggled through his meal.

Onto the next bus and into a fantastic hostel. Clean, airconditioned and no hint of a rat (in the foya anyway..) Had a nice meal out at a hawkers stall with a couple of Americans who were just out of 3 months in China. Now they had some stories to tell. Also another young American guy who had been in CHCH at Uni for a year.

Most people I have met have been to NZ or are heading there.

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