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"Get off the bus, get off the bus," I was told.

I had no idea where I was or which of the three bus debots in my book I was at. Then when I got off the bus, I saw that I was in the middle of a 4 lane road. There was traffic coming from all directions,(in at least 7 lanes) my pack was dumped on the road and it was so hot after the freezing bus.

Where is Garry when I need him??

Anyway, as happens here, a tout was grabbing me and weaving me through the traffic telling me all about his wonderful hostel. I had already decided where I was going and it wasn't his plce, but I had no way of knowing how to get there so I tagged along behind him for a few blocks, too scared to let go in case I was knocked over by a car or motorbike.

"Very nice place, very nice breakfast included, garden bar and shower." I listened to him yelling at me above the din of the traffic. Sounded great.

Into ChinaTown area and up 3 flights of stairs and a quick glance told me otherwise but a friendly "Hello" in a Canadian accent helped me decide that it was not worth the effort of leaving to find something else so I pai my RM10 for the night. ($4) For that what can I expect. there goes the accountant in me.

As I made myself at home in the dorm, i kept thinking "Don't be an Anne Cole, you can do this".

Off out to dinner with the Canadain guy and next day 5 of us from the League of Nations headed off to go up the Twin Towers. Highest one left in the world but we only got up to the walkway between the 2 buildings. (Another time when Garry would have waited for me at the nearest pub) I kept scanning the sky for aeroplanes. Great view.

Quiet afternoon at the hostel in the garden bar which was just a small balcony full of washing overlooking a filthy alley way, But it did sell beer. Lots of stories were swapped and tales told.

This is what it is all about. Great, I love it.

But then I headed up the stairs to the lou. I was on the landing, eye level with the next floor when right there in front of me ran a great big rat.... towrds my bedroom.

I paniced for about an hour and cursed Garry for not being there to calm me down. The other people there were all pretty calm about it. They were all obviously much more travelled than me. One guy asked me "What colour was it?" He had seen a grey and white one earlier.

A plan was needed to get me through the night. Had Garry been there I would have had him sit awake guarding me with a big stick. I couldn't convince any of the guys to do that for me. So I suggested a night out at the local Reggae Bar. A decent number of jugs of Tiger Beer and I slept like a log, quite unaware of any nocturnal visitors.

By the way, the free breakfast was make your own toast, rancid margarine and coffee that had been in a thermos all night. The bathroom was not the worst I had seen but it is the only one that had no roof and the water tank propped up on a pile of plastic buckets.

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