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us and luggage squashed onto boat to go to island

part of the lake

Aaron, our guide, at the front of the guesthouse

Our cabin

looking through the beautiful flowers to the lake

me on the swing!


Sue and I playing 'Chunka'

Dinner! - Traditional Malay cuisine

Looking across to the island

They use this stuff from the pod to make pillows and duvets!

A waterfall we walked to on our visit to a village on...

Dressed in a sarong ready for our traditional Muslim dinner

This is the life

Water buffalos on our island

Sitting on the floor and eating with our right hand!

A visit to a mosque back in Kuala Kangsar

We had to cover up!

We had a four hour coach journey from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Kangsar where we were then met by a mini-bus in which we fitted 11 people and all our luggage! We had a half hour journey (during which time we got stopped by the police. We werent sure what happened

but we think the driver paid the policeman off!). Aaron described the air conditioning as 480. - 4 windows, 80kph!!!

Our host from the island, Asiz met us at the jetty and we all piled into the speed boat (see photo!!). We had a 15 minute drive along the lake to the island. Asiz and Asiah's home is the only one on the island so we had an island to ourselves!

It was a beautiful setting and so nice to be somwhere quiet and relaxing after being in cities for ages.

That evening we ate traditional Malay food, of which I was selective (avoiding the spice). I ended up with chicken, rice and coleslaw!. We learnt how to play the tradional game of 'Chonka' which is a marble game and quite addictive!

The next morning we went on the boat across to a small village on the edge of the lake on the mainland. Asiz gave us a guided tour and then we went on a walk to a waterfall. The walk was hard going. climbing and jumping across rocks to get to it but it was a nice scene when we got there!

We had tea and crackers sat on the floor at one of the villagers houses and then got the boat back to the island.

I spent the afternoon sleeping and reading in the hammock! Until it started raining about 4. It really rained! That was the plan to go kayaking around the island out the window!

Dressed in sarongs (men and women, the men loved being in skirts!) we had a traditional Muslim dinner sat on the floor and eating with our right hand (which I had to really concentrate to do being left handed!!)

The next day Asiz took us to a mosque back in Kuala Kangsar and a market before we got the coach to Butterworth to go to Penang.

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