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The land of down under, Australia! We had almost two months here and it was like trying to see the United States in the same time period. We arrived into Darwin on a redeye flight. Darwin is located in the Northern Territory. We had a few days here to see Kakadu National Park "Kakadu". The park is situated three hours inland from Darwin and is accessible via a four-wheel drive vehicle at this time of year (so they say). There are two seasons here; wet and dry. Wet season brings flooding and allows the animals to spread out into areas not accessible in the dry season.

On our drive out to the park I am reminded of the time I spent with my brother in the Florida everglades. There is a road called Alligator Alley where reptiles are attracted to the heat of the road when the sun sets. We drove up and down the roadway looking at snakes, lizards and spiders. By the time you stop to see an animal you run over three.

We see our first live kangaroo; they are like deer in the US. Crazy!!!

OK, here is a little history that will be important when you see some of the pictures. The Aboriginal people are native to Australia. Captain James Cook was a British explorer who landed in Australia and claimed it as a British colony. The relationship that the American Indians had with the white settlers in the US is similar to the Aboriginees in Australia. The Aboriganees did not keep track of history on scrolls or paper. All history was communicated in story telling and drawings. There are rock drawings all over Australia. Kakadu has a particular high concentration of these drawings.

We spent a portion of one day at Nourlangie Rock. This is an area of several large rock outcroppings that were used as shelter. There a large amount of drawings that are supposed to be a few thousand years old. There are claims that Aboriginees have a history over fifty thousand years old. Not mine to say. On our hike we came across a black wallabies, which Jen did not like. She thought the little guy was eyeing her up and might come a little too close. He finally went on his way and we continued our journey. Awesome.

Kakadu was great but the mosquitoes were crazy. The time that we spent there was during the "wet season"...which means it's hot, muggy and full of bugs. As soon as you get out of the air conditioning you are swarmed with any kind of flying bug around. Very overwhelming. Mosquito net helmets would have been perfect! Not stylish, but very functional.

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