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Along the Mekong

A competitive game of Petanque

Karaoke kings

We're in Savannahket which is a sweet little town, again on the Mekong with the usual French flavour in the architecture and food. French bread takes the place of rice here and is served with most meals. The old French shop houses with shutters open to sell anything from dried frogs to tea pots but nothing of interest to us which is a good thing really as we can't fit anything else in our bags.

We walked along the river and watched a few games of petanque. We both really like it here it's a quaint, charming place with a really genuine warmth. There are hardly any tourists around either which is always good for us.

We stumbled on a bar just a few doors down from our Guest house and a had a few beers. Some locals came over and joined us and practised their English. We swapped English words for Laos words and tried our best to learn eachothers names. Somehow one of the guys ended up thinking Deb was called 'Cockroach' as there were loads around when we were introducing ourselves, very amusing.

They took us out on the town and showed us the local nightlife which amounted to a karaoke bar and a tiny club with a DJ. Deb danced with some lady boys as I sat back and laughed enjoying my Beer Laos!

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