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Locust Kebab anyone?

Snacks for the journey

We left Vientiane after 2 days, armed with some cash and our visas for Cambodia. We attempted to catch a public bus and travel with the locals but for some reason we keep getting herded on to the VIP buses. We must look too posh in our best travelling clothes to be on the bus with chickhens and pigs!

The journey was 10 hours and the toilet breaks were just by the side of the road which takes a bit of getting used to. The entertainment on the bus was Thai and Laos karaoke videos which we tried to sing along with but after 6 hours was a bit much!

We arrived at what we thought was our stop and got off to be greeted by locals and kids selling roasted crickets / locusts / grasshoppers. We waved the bus off and looked around for a tuk tuk to take us to the centre of town. This was when we realised we were still 30k away from the city. We don't know how it happened, it's a mystery. The women at the bus station, curious about these 2 big birds wandering around with massive rucksacks looking confused, soon rallied round to help. They spoke hardly any English but Davina managed to successfully 'act out' our predicament, much to their amusement. We ended up being the entertainment for the next 30 minutes while we waited for another bus to pass through town. One old woman kept saying "I love you" to Davina which I think was the only English she knew!

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