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Central Square in Melaka

Cycle rik Shaw Transport in Melaka

Traditional buildings

The best bus we got in the whole journey - Melaka to...

As we got off the bus, we were surpirsed to be in a brand new bus station that was out of town, not where we had expected to be. We were given a few leaflets by people touting guest houses but no pressure, and very helpful, telling us where we could book our onward ticket to Singapore and also where to catch the bus into town for 15p instead of a more expensive taxi.

We sorted out the tickets for Singapore in no time for 2 pounds and hung around waiting for the next bus, met some other travelers there who recommended one of the lodges we had a voucher for so headed there.

Within no time we were checked into the Travelleres lodge hostel, which was really nice and friendly and then headed out to find some food. We settled on some noodles and a tom yam soup and one of the hawker stalls, and then had a look around town, which is still very traditional based on the Chinesse and Portugesse traders from the 18th Century (I think).


We explored the town on foot in the morning after having a nice breakfast at the guest house. It was a really nice day, and we had a relaxing yet hurried stroll around the old town checking out some of the old buildings. It was then 12:00 and we had to check out and head off to catch our bus for Singapore. We caught a town bus to the bus station that seemed to take forever to turn up, we were getting worried, but it turned up just before we thought about trying to get a taxi. At the bus station we got on our most fabulous bus yet, so good that we just had to take a photo.

We had a 4 hour trip to the border, with one stop for food on the way, checked out of Malaysia and into Singapore.

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