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Coogee Palace Beach View

Coogee Palace Beach View take 2

Coogee Palace Beach View take 3

Coogee Palace Beach View take 4

Lou on the Louise Sauvage Walk

Walk to Olympic Village

Clouds over Olympic Park

Clouds over Olympic Park - take 2

Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium take 2

Lou & Olympic Torch Fountain

Overflow Cinema

Happy Lou in the rain

Squeeze on the fabulous Boat

Lou & Fag Tyne?

Funky Speedboat

Stef & The Skipper

Funky Speed Boat take 2

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Emily & Ben

Safety 1st boys when on the end of the boat

Tyne girl in the ring la la la la la

Tbag Squeezer!!!

Ahhh bless again

Culinary Delights

Contemplating Lou

Its a hard life

In the very funky & fast Speedboat

On the boat

here we go

Spot the Beach

Beautiful Bondi

Nothing like a rent boy to ruin a good view:)

Take 2 hehehe

Icebergs Pool

Start of the Bondi Coastal Walk

The most famous beach in the world ever!

En Route

Squeezer before the 2hr Hike

More of the same

Bondi to Coogee Walk take 1

Bondi to Coogee Walk again

Bondi to Coogee Walk again

you get the picture

Surfs Up

More of the same

Another one of Paul

Beautiful NSW

Cemetary by the Sea

Lulu posing:)

Very Scenic

World War Memorial

Coogee Palace

Probably the Best bar.............

Kat & Luke on Oz Day

The Darwin Posse

Kat & Luke take 2

Tbag Squeezer @ The Orient


Hilary & Ben

Darling Harbour Fireworks for Aussie Day

More Fireworks

Kat & Luke's Last Night in Coogee

Tennis @ The Opera House

Tennis @ The Opera House

Wow Baghdadis bam er ram!

Lou & Ali the Manc!!!

Having fun guys??

Gorgeous Kat & Luke take 2

Spot the tbag?



& Drunker

Debauchery @ Coogee Bay Hotel


Baby Wallaby

Lou & The Baby Wallaby

Paul & The Baby Wallaby

Kangaroo Anyone

Wombat Breakkie

More Wombat

Joey & Mum

Chubby Wombat

Lou & Joey

Lou & Joey

Paul's Python

ahhhhhhh sleepy

Charlie The Koala

Wierd Bird

Skippy's Mate

Whos a big boy then?

Aged Wombat

More Skippy

Pauls Best Mate

PIck Up A Penguin

Lou & Cuddles The Koala

Sexy King Kong Extras!!!

First thing to note is that I've added pictures to the last 3 entries so sorry guys but you'll have to go back into them if you want to see some embarassing pics of all of us.

Ta & have fab weekends, Lou xxxx

Our last month in Sydney without the boys was spent with me working and T-bag playing playstation which he will admit that he enjoyed just a fraction:) We managed during this time to take full advantage of every free Sydney Festival event over this period! We went to the outdoor cinema showing of Madagascar (i know were big kids) in the Sydney Olympic Park Overflow with our wine, nibbles and umbrellas and guess what it rained!!! Watching a film in the middle of a park in the pouring down rain is definitely an experience not to be missed!!

We had an awesome day out with Adams family that Sunday on their luxurious boat and we really can't thank them enough for taking us out especially after both boats started the day with flat batteries and it took Tyne and Adam around 2 hours of hard graft to get their speed boat in the water to come and meet us. Meanwhile we were cruising around Sydney harbour on his Mum's Stephanies boat, drinking champers and munching on all sorts of culinary delights (see pics). We caught the speedboat home which was mental as you literally hit every wave with a thunderous clap much to Paul and my delight.

We were only slightly worried when the boat broke down a few miles from shore and just managed to avoid swimming home with our bags.

The following weekend we did the famous Bondi to Coogee walk along some of NSW funky coastline and witnessed our second wedding ceremony this year - while it wasn't quite as dramamtic as the one on New Years Eve it did take place on the dirtiest beach in Sydney -were still not sure why they picked the one covered in rubbish and seaweed but each to their own! We decided to make the Coogee Palace our favourite bar in Sydney!! With fab beach views, cheap cocktails and our favourite peeps living down the road day we treated oursleves to a drink after our 2 hour hike from Bondi. If you ever come to Sydney we would highly recommend living in Coogee and avoiding the city as much as possible.

That Sunday night we went to the fabulous concert of fire in Darling Harbour Park. These 'mad' amazing French performers set fireworks off from their drum kits which are strapped onto them while creating fabulous music by banging all different types of percussions instruments. There act is truely awesome and although we got soaked to the skin again - the very wet audience & performers added to the crazy atmosphere.

Thursday 26th Jan Australia Day Drink Up:) For our one and only Australia Day we did the typical Pome thing and went to all of the cheesey tourist pubs for a drink on! We began at the appropriately named 'Australian' where we met up with Luke, Kat, the Irish girls and more friends from Darwin. Afterwards, we went to 'The Orient' which makes 'Walkabouts back home' look like civilised watering holes. The day was heaps of fun and we ended up watching more fireworks in Darling Harbour (thats 4 lots in 3 weeks, their a tad firework crazy over here) and drinking snake bite and black in P J O'Briens -another great Irish pub, there are more over here than back home it seems:?

That Saturday night we went back to Coogee to say goodbye to our buddies Luke, Kat and Ali and had a night out at the Coogee Bay Hotel:) The night was excellant even if it did end with a run in with a nasty bus driver who got a tad more than he bargained for when trying to take Louise on in an argument.

We must admit that during January we became hooked by the Australian Open, falling in love (as did the whole of Australia) with the star of the tournament Marcos Baghdad. Lets put it this way the need for adrenalin fuelled sports angst, excitement and dissapointment has been so great that it was sooooooooo nice to be watching sport again -even if it was tennis!

We watched both finals on the Sydney Opera House steps where they set up a big screen, while the womens was rubbish (and according to the bag won by a man) the mens final had an amazing atmosphere and there was around 500 people squashed on the steps cheering for both players. I must admit it helps when you fancy both of the finalists and when Federer cried my heart did melt just a little:) i know i know i'm sad its official!

On February 4th we went on a 4WD trip to the Blue Mountains which was a 'fogging disaster'. While the baby koala and baby kangeroo we got to pat @ the wildlife park were gorgeous we ended up spending $300 for a croissant and an all you can eat lunch buffet as for nearly all of the tour we couldn't see a thing. Being us we had to laugh about it and as you will see from the video clip it was worth it for the Kangaroo's fight.

Our last weekend in Sydney we went to Darling Harbour for the Chinese New Year celebrations to meet up with the lovely Sancha and our long lost Wendy from Darwin. We finally managed to have a drink in the Home Bar and watched Chinese Dragon Boat racing which was cool! We began our last week at work today (Feb 13th) & now have no more work from Friday for 3 months yippee - oops i forgot to mention we were working for a new company doing telemarketing yes even Paul has managed to find employment in Sydney now hehehe.

Were out to Leichardt (Little Italy) tonight for dinner for Valentines Day which should be a little different to our usual V days which are spent in the pub watching football. I'm just praying that my team can repeat last years Vday victory of 5-1 so I can enjoy the rest of this week. Oh and praise be to Middlesborough (i never thought i'd say that) for making my Sunday delightful, come on the rest of the league - see you don't all need to bend over for the rent boys quite as much as you have been - pun intended!!!!


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