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Our bike trip was such a laugh and we had just a few surprises along the way. The first leg of our ride got us safely onto Don Khon and as it was about 38C we decided we deserved a little drink break. While indulging in the best icy homemade lemonade with with coconut a little spider monkey jumped onto my lap! It was a pet of the owners and just the funniest little thing ever. He was so cute and was very friendly; when the owner decided playtime was over he jumped under my chair and hid behind my bag - peeking out every few seconds to avoid detection. We spend about 30min messing around with him before continuing on our journey.

We head off on what we believed was the road around the edge of the island that would take us to a temple. But about 10min in we came across 2 people on mountainbikes looking at their maps. They said the road was a dead-end and they couldnt' go any further. Sharon and I were "doubtful" so decided to go around the corner to assess the situation. The road was indeed a dead-end but we could see the temple in the distance across many dried up paddy-fields. The thought of back-tracking was not appealing in the heat, so being the intrepid adventurers that we are, we decided to tackle the paddy-fields with versions of my "Fairy Turbo" and head inland to the temple. We must have been such a sight; these fields were barely made for walking, nevermind getting bicycles through them! We were in hysterics but eventually found our way across and at the temple! Funnily enough we were the only tourists there :-)

Footnote: I ended this tale thinking I would get back to writing the next morning, but events to be described later have had me waylaid a little...

After our temple escapade where continued on to find the main aim of our trip - the waterfall where a number of parts of the mekong converge. It turned out to be quite a site, more a gorge with vast and high rapids than a waterfall but incredibly powerful. We meandered further downstream and came across a little "beach" where we took a heavenly dip to cool off from the 40C it had reached! The trip home was slightly slower and definitely lacking in energy but was a fab day. Friday turned out to be a very lazy day at the beach without doing anything of consequence. That night a group of us chartered a little boat to go to dinner at a "nice place" at Don Kon (where the spidermonkey visited) - was very funny as our boat pulled up alongside the floating restaurant and we stepped off straight to our table. Was very cool. Had a very funny night and even expanded our drinking to a couple of local cocktails...lau lau and lemon/coconut juice - yummyyyyy.

It was time to say goodbye to Don Det on Saturday; Sharon and I left and head back to Pakse to start another, fresher, and much cooler few days inland at at Tad Fane - the highest waterfalls in Laos!

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