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The view from the top of the "bahn". A train that climbs...

A skiers dream- making fresh tracks on a big, steep, slope.

Looking out across the Alps- simply amazing!

More views in every direction. Look at the tracks, a gondola takes...

In the valley on the wayto our hotel. The Swiss take advantage...

Lisy on the main street of Davos Dorf. Bill Gates and Bono...

The Swiss flag fits perfectly into an alpine setting.


Snowball fight!!

A snowy day view from our balcony, look how much snow there...

"Please let me back in, I'm freezing!"

Here's Lisy heading down the hill. She is wearing 8 layers of...

Here's Marc, having fun on a big mountain.

Another view down. To give you an idea of how high up...

Marc is trying to catch that skier.

There she goes.

Just another view, this one is looking in to Austria.

Lots of ways up the hill- a six person chair, the "Bahn"...

The horse drawn sleigh is both practical and romatic here!

At last a place where a Porsche SUV actually makes sense!

On the train ride back to Zurich. Snow as far as the...

Lisy and I have avoided the cold of winter for more than a year now, so we thought we were due for a brief change in climate. When we found out that our Round-The-World airpasses (that we bought in Hong Kong) required a stop in Europe, we decided to hit the slopes in the Alps! We searched Google for the "best snow boarding in the Alps", and Davos, Switzerland earned top honors. Even though we had high expectations, we were thoroughly impressed.

Davos is a 2 hour train ride from Zurich (where we landed)and nestled in a high valley near the Austrian border. The mountains here reach way above the tree-line, were covered in deep snow, and stretched to the horizon in every direction. The ski areas here are different than any we had been to in the US. There were literally ski lifts on all sides of the valley, and you could ski from one resort to another, from one town to next, and even into another country (Austria). Our lift tickets gave us access to 6 resorts with over 300 miles of marked trails, the place was huge. Lisy and I boarded for several days and we only covered a small fraction of what was offered. We did get to board the "longest run in Switzerland", a 13KM run that covers every type of terrain and takes you to another city.

Our first day was bright and sunny, so we took lots of pictures. Then the temperature dropped below 0, and it snowed the next several days. This gave us great powder conditions, but no visibilty for photos. In fact sometimes, we would be caught in white-out conditions that left us completely disoriented and way off course. But that was all part of the fun. We loved the Alps, the views were breath-taking and the boarding was amazing. If you want to blow a lot of money, then this is place for you!! McDonalds for 2 cost almost $30, therefore we didn't get to sample any fine Swiss cuisine like fondu. We had a blast though, and we'll (hopefully) get back on budget when we are in South America, which is our next stop.

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