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Alexis & Omar - Ok, vamanos a la playa! 6 o'clock in...

Hola Omar!

Alexis bright smile. The bus journey was great fun - as you...

Omar and Alexis on the beach. Tent, umbrella, Arequipena (local beer) and...

The beautiful Pacific! The sea is refreshing, strong and I'm loving it!

Smile! Well, when we got here they called me Gringa (white girl)....

Oh, poor Omar. Two days without a lot of sleep really take...

Well, I had the sun in my eyes...

beach impression

Beach impression


Waiting for the bus.

Back in Arequipa - hanging out in Omar& Alexis bar with two...

Cheers! Kim and his mate. They are travelling the world in 6...

Smile, Omar, smile!

Well Omar, don't shake the camara!

We, that's Alexis, Omar and myself, spend two days in Camana - one of Arequipa's beaches. Camana is about 2.5 hours away and a cude little beach resort, where the locals hang out. At the moment they have vacations overhere and therefore the beaches are packed and especially Camana - apparentely its a real party town. However, our time here was really relaxing as we spend Sunday/Monday here. The next time its has to be Sat. night tough - FIESTA!

For sure, I had a wonderful time burning in the sun, playing in the water, watching the little birds playing with the waves during the night and dreaming under the stars. You might get an impression from the pictures.

The two guys I went with are great fun! I met them in their bar about a week ago and have since been hanging out with them every day. Lots of laugher - they are really cude. Alexis is hilarious! We have the same taste of humour...great fun! Well, I'm totally crazy about this guy! Its fantastic being with him - so different to what I have ever experienced before.

And as you know me guys, I will always listen to my heart - and my heart loves Arequipa with everything what this place is about! Enjoying life is about taking opportunities when they come up and therefore I will stay here for a little while. I will rent a nice little place and try to teach German. There is a big demand for teachers overhere and I have always wanted to try that. So,fingers crossed!

I also have made some friends already - its nice to know people and I start feeling home here. Let's see - I will try to take some more pictures for you guys.

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