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Hostel with a view - hostel inside Rostov Kremlin

Lake Nero with Rostov monastry in background

Future Russian superstars

Kremlin Rostov

Positioned next to the sprawling Lake Nero - Rostov Veliky is supposed to be the second most charming Golden Ring town (behind Suzdal). Once again I find myself asking the question, where are all the people? This town is supposed to have 40k inhabitants, however the size of the town centre reminds me much more of Taradale than it does Napier!

This time our hotel is actually inside the Kremlin, which is quite a treat. The downside is we now have nowhere to go during the day as we're already there. Guess it will be a few romantic strolls along the lakeside with the lads and one or two vodka shots in the bar tonight. And yes... it is true what they say of the Rusky ladies! Certainly amongst the sightseeing highlights.

Turned out we had dinner in local restaurant with menu printed only in Russian. After watching us struggle for about 15minutes, a young couple from Moscow introduced themselves and lent a hand. They later joined us for a few vodka shots and laughs. Sergei and Anastacia spoke fluent English and it was a thoroughly entertaining hearing of Sergeis work experience in Kaskakstan and Anastacias junior tennis training with Anna Kournikova and her several apartments overlooking the Kremlin back in Moscow. Nice.

Plan from here - back to Yaroslav tomorrow arvo, then overnight train to Peters. Saint, that is.

Darryl's laws of travelling, law#2: "Buses always leave at 10am".

For those of you (I presume all) that are wondering where the photos are... don't fret... with luck I'll be able to upload a few tomorrow morning.

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