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Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour - take 2

Sydney Skyline

More adventures of Tbag the Toursit

Niccccccccce Boat:)

Opera House from lunch bar

Smile for the camera boys!!!

Darling Harbour

Too cool for Sydney:)

Its a bit dark in DH?

Happy Anniversary Paul & John

ahhhhhhh the happy couple

Lou & Dean Bless:)

Tbag Squeezer

Tbag Squeezer

The Boys

Ahhhhhh Bless

Don't mess with these Geezahs

A tad drunk boys?

Happy Birthday Paul:)


More Fireworks

These pics don't do them justice

Check our our Halos

India Down Under

India Down Under oh dear Louise

Dean in India Down Under

Fab Kings X Indian in Oz??

Squeezer Spicey Tbag


John & Dean loving each other

John, Dean & Lou

Oh Dear in The Goldfish Bowl!!!

Hmmmmmmm getting there

Shaggs & Squeeze


Going Going

Going Going Going


On the days that followed and in the build up to Pauls birthday and New Years Eve I went to work for a finance company doing admin work - oh the excitement mounts - and Paul got to have his holiday time with his boys (sorry Dean & John but you are officially now and forever his boys after managing to come and visit us on the other side of the world for Xmas). After exploring the tourist sights of Sydney, which basically meant they drank all day in a pub which had a good view of the Opera House we all went out for drinks and dinner in Darling Harbour for our 2 year anniversary which was good for me as i ended up having 3 dates to buy me drinks hehehe:) We went to Pontoon for cocktails and the infamous Cargo for more drinkage, finishing off with the lads eating skippy for dinner in one of the posh harbour side restaurants.

The next day the guys went up to the Blue Mountains and pulled two birds and i'm told had an awesome time. They then to rub salt in my working wounds (only kidding)spent a full day in Manley which hosts the most beautiful beaches Sydney has to offer. As it was the day before New Years we ended up doing recce's of possible locations for the fireworks and after finding the best view Sydney has to offer we had drinks in a traditional Balmain pub to celebrate:)

T-bags Birthday December 31st - New Years Eve 2005!!!

Paul's birthday required preperation BIG TIME for a picnic and drink up in the park you would not believe the trouble we went to!! After freezing a lot of cocktail mixers for poor Tyne to bring after work we left the house around midday - picnic, nibbles and rug in hand. We saved the best spot at Balmain East Park and luckily we got there early as some people had been camped out it seemed all morning. As chief spot savers we ofcourse had to start drinking earlier than most and were quite merry by the time Dean and John arrived. Unfortunatley by the time Tyne and Adam arrived at around 8 O'clock we had our loud and silliness heads on and were playing card drinking games with the gang of Aussies to our left who had also been in the park since lunchtime. The kiddies fireworks began around 9pm and Birthday Girl Soph arrived just in time to see them! In the build up to New Year we drank far too many cocktails and I managed to poor mine all over poor Adam - hey i'm clumsy when I'm tipsy! Words cannot do justice to how awesome the final firework display was but lets just say that we sang and danced and it will be a New Year Eve's that will never be forgotten.

New Years Day was the hottest ever in Sydney on record at around 44degrees Paul didn't manage to get himself off the living room floor and me and Tyne sat in the pool all day unable to get out. The lads last night before going to explore the East Coast was spent in Kings X - by far one of the best places to go out in Sydney. We ate in a tacky place called India Down Under - however i will say that the food & company was amazing. We ended up at the GoldFish Bowl dancing to the juke box and showing up the boring locals and i stupidly agreed to going to watch the rent boys play until the late hours of the morning in a sports bar in town. I think you'll agree from the pics that we had an awesome night and it was worth feeling shoddy all day at work the following day.

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