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Dean & John on arrival

Lou on the Cruise top deck

Dean & the guys on his bday boat

Happy Birthday to ya

The gang late on Xmas Eve

Kat & Luke

Blurred Squeezer Tbag

Lou & Kat ahhhhh bless

Getting there lou & Dean?

Luna Park @ Night

Dean Christmas Day

Dean Christmas Day - take 2

Santa Lou

Santa John having breakkie

Bondi Police straightening out the pom's

Horseride anyone?

Beautiful Bondi

More Bondi

Paul & Lou Xmas Day 2005

Sunset over Xmas Day

Boxing Day Lunch

Boxing Day Lunch - take 2

Lunch with a view

The boys

Soph & Heiss


Aidan & Heiss:)



Night Night Santa Heiss

Lou Sunning on New Years Eve

John, Dean & Lou


Squeezer NYE

Shaggs & Squeeze

Sydney City Of Hearts Theme NYE

Just a tad busy in Balmain

Christmas Eve 2005 in Sydney

The legendary Dean and John arrived in Sydney Australia on December 24th 2005 or should i say 'Dean's Birthday' and as you can all imagine me and Paul were a little more than excited to see them. We got to the Hotel Ibis in town around 3 hours prior to their arrival with some beers and a Happy Birthday banner for Dean's birthday. It was the first time Paul had ever not had to be dragged out of bed kicking and screaming but even he had to admit that we were just a tad too early to the hotel. Upon arrival we did the usual hugging beer drinking and birthday celebrations and made our way to a good old Irish Pub for beer and wedges - hey we wanted tham to feel at home hehehe:)

We had a surprise planned for the evening so we left them to get some shut eye and went to meet Aidan who had made it to Sydney for Xmas. Needless to say we rushed home and had our first ever Christmas Eve dip in the pool as it was around 39 degrees. We got ready for our 4 hour all you can drink booze cruise of Sydney harbour which departed from the Opera House around 7.

On arriving back at the hotel around 6ish to pick up the guys we went up to their room to find them fast asleep in bed. Bless there cotton socks - 23 hours on a plane and losing 11 hours of the day on top of that really does take it out of you! However we made it to the Opera House just in time for what has to be probably the best ever Christmas Eve's we've all had and I hope the best Birthday's Dean's ever had:)

The lovely Luke, Kat and the Irish girls who we knew from Pemberton and Darwin were also on the cruise making the night a fully drunken and absolutely awesome success. We particularily enjoyed Dean and Lisa's dancing routines and of course having not seen John for so long we just had to do our renditions of Andy Whitby- put it this way i doubt if Australia will ever be ready for Sir Andy Whitby:) As you can imagine after 4 hours of goon drinking we were all very merry and tried in vain afterwards to get into a bar in Sydney, unfortunately Paul is apparently not old enough to drink here (hehehe) and between John slipping on some steps and Louise's big mouth we managed to get chucked out of the only place that would serve us!!!! We ended up sitting on the main shopping street in a coffee place called grinders which served booze and more importantly baileys yippee:) We all made it back to ours very drunk and very full of the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas Day 2005 in Abbotsford & Bondi!!!

Christmas Day began with all of us going for a swim to recover from our munting hang overs. Our amazing Chef & host Tyne made the most unbelievable Champagne breakfast with strawberries, cherries and blue berries to start followed by our own individual omelette of choice. And when i say choice you could have pretty much whatever you liked in it. To say we were spoilt rotten is such a huge understatement and we really cannot thank her and Adam enough for making all of us feel at home and having such a lovely Christmas morning. We all opened our pressies and got ready slowly for our day on the beach at Bondi - well it had to be done!!! Wearing our Christmas hats Aidan drove us to Bondi and we settled down for a day of fun in the sun.

In the late afternoon we made our way to the BBQ area and bumped into Sophie (hey sweets) - it really is a small world! Lou being Lou in her excitable giddiness of Christmas forgot to bring any accessories for the BBQ but Paul somehow managed to cook us kebabs and sausages with no cooking utensils or plates!! The day was amazing and we were all very tired when we made our way back to the city late evening. Christmas Day in Oz is definitely different and were so lucky that we had the guys with us to share it!

Boxing Day December 26th 2005.

Paul and I decided that we would put on our own traditional English Christmas lunch for Dean, John, Aidan, Sophie and Heiss and lets just say we did not realise how hard it is to cook for that many people - Mums we salute you! The fact that we had all polished off a bottle of Pimms prior to dinner being served probably helped what seemed like an eternity waiting for it all to be ready. The day was a success and dinner was lovely and we all ended up in the pool until late afternoon. Drinks carried on until Tyne and Adam got back and we then introduced the guys to Bundaberg lets just say the day rapidly declined from that point on:)

Thank you to everyone all so much for making our Xmas one that we will never forget and giving us memories that we will cherish forever.

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