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Mary, Clare and Jason in the National Park

Clare and I in the lake

Jason, his mum Margot and Rover the dog

All the horses ready to go

The rock pool

Clare and Jason on their horses

The 3 of us

A big lizard (cant remember its name!)

Me and Dallas

Parrots at the stables

Palm Beach

Palm Beach

The Surf Club (closed)

Me outside the surf club

Clare and I on the beach

Clare and Rover

We went up to Jason's mums house about 1hr from Sydney, en-route stopping at The Royal National Park (the second oldest after Yellowstone, US) where we went for a nice walk to the lake and sea.

Clares mum and partner left the next morning and then the 3 of us went horse riding in the afternoon to Australias largest Equestrian Centre. They had about 200 horses and their efficiency at dealing with so many riders was amazing. As we were experienced we went off on our own for 2 hours following the tracks. We had good horses and went through forest to a rock pool. We did the route in about 1 1/2 hrs (perhaps we were a little fast at times!)

On the way back we went to Palm Beach - the set of Home & Away's Summer Bay Surf Club! It was a gorgeous beach, but the sea was really rough. I watched Clare being knocked over by the waves as I paddled nearer the edge. She soon came back over!

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